Christian Thomas Stefansen
Freier Buch- und Drehbuchautor

Our dream fairy





Publisher: Talawah Verlag | ISBN: 978-3947550-517 | Genre: Short stories | Language: English, Deutsch
Every night, when all earth children sleep, the blonde dream fairy, camouflaged as a falling star, flies from her home planet,
the planet of dreams, down to earth in one of the many children's rooms.
Transformed into her fairy shape, she lets sleeping children dream of educational, exciting stories,
always wisely helping the little ones at the right moment with help and advice.

The book, which will also be available as an ebook,
contains seven short stories for reading aloud or first readers:

"The dog, that didn't want to bark"
"The strange neighbor boy"
"The animal, that has no arms and feet"
"A day in the wildlife park"
"Oh dear, mom is in the hospital"
"A visit to the farm"
"Danuta at the big picnic"